Shortest day

Banning, CA to Beaumont, CA
Distance: 4.22 mi
Total Distance: 3,321.29 mi

I had trouble sleeping as the people in the room next to me decided to have a yelling battle in front of their room and mine. I finally got back to sleep. I woke up with hope that I would produce a full day. I realized that I was not going to be able to produce that. Having picked up the extra miles last night I could afford to take a very easy day. I got some work done and was taking my time to get on the road. I walked the 4.22 miles in decent time and got to the Beaumont fire dept. where I would be spending the night. I was greeted by Josh, Justin, and Eddie. I got some cleaning done on the cart, some laundry, and got to work on media. I went to a restaurant for lunch. There were two police officers eating there. When I was at the counter to pay they came over and one of them asked if I was Steve. Apparently her commander had emailed them all about me. Her name Krysti and her partner was Corrine. They bought my lunch. Thank you Kristy and Corrine. I headed back to the fire house and got more work done. Josh is cooking dinner and tomorrow is back to a semi normal day.

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