Beaumont, CA to Moreno Valley, CA
Distance: 20.99 mi
Total Distance: 3,342.28 mi

There was only one call throughout the night and that was around 5:30 am. Not too bad. Got up around 7 and all the guys were already up. The new shift was pretty much in and waiting. Grabbed a quick shower and we all headed over to the City Hall for some breakfast burritos that the Police were selling for charity. They hooked me up on my breakfast. I met the Chief of police, the Mayor, the town administrator, several police officers, and many more people. They all had pretty much received emails about what I was doing already so they were briefed on my story. The Chief of Police arranged for a two officer motorcycle escort for me out of town. Not for safety purpose but to be nice and make it a to do. It was a great send off and everyone was so nice that I felt like I had known them all longer than 30 minutes. As we were headed out of the city hall, the Fire Chief showed up. We talked a bit, shared stories, I thanked him and off again. I packed up at the fire house said our goodbyes and took some pictures in front of the truck and met my escorts, Matt and Brent. The two of them escorted me to the city limits. They would pull ahead and block traffic and lanes for me to walk in. There was plenty of time to chat it up and they kept me entertained. We reached the city limits and they took off. Back on my own for about 12 miles. A little bit of a curvy climb with no shoulder and some downhill. It was over before I knew it. I got to Moreno Valley and found some food. Thank you to the town of Beaumont for everything you have done for me.

Beaumont fire dept.

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