A good day

Lake Elsinore, CA to Fallbrook, CA
Distance: 26.9 mi
Total Distance: 3,392.95 mi

There was only one call through the night and it was around midnight. I hardly remembered it and had to be reminded in the morning. I slept really well. Everyone was up and about by 7. Breakfast which was some delicious egg, tortilla, and sauce dish was on the table by 7:15. I packed the cart, we talked a bit, took some pictures with the truck, and I was off by 8. It was a nice sunny morning. It started out pretty flat running around a lake. I didn’t get to see the lake because of homes and hills. No sidewalk or shoulder but I was able to get on some dirt paths for a while. It remained mostly flat for the majority of the day. I was now back into suburbs. There were gas stations and stores the whole way. The temperature warmed up to high 60s low 70s and the sun shined all day. I got to a town called Temecula. They have a section of the town, Old Temecula, which has wood sidewalks and the buildings are all designed like an old western. A pretty cool spot, but no time to stop and enjoy. As I was leaving Temecula I was greeted by a long, steep, windy road. A pretty tough climb and dangerous corners made this a challenge. Found a couple golf balls as I passed some courses and country clubs. I made pretty good time and got to the end location by Fallbrook. I met up with my host for the night, Jeff Davis. We made it to his house and met his wife Ann. I grabbed a quick shower and they took me out to a wonderful dinner. We got back and watched some football and called it a night. All in all it was a really enjoyable day. The excitement level is at a new high for the finish.

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