Hula Pie

Fallbrook, CA to Escondido, CA
Distance: 21.22 mi
Total Distance: 3,414.17 mi
Woke up and had a good breakfast. Said my goodbyes to Ann and Jeff and was on my way by 8:30. It would be a semi short day with what I thought would be one good climb. I quickly found out it was going to be more than one. The climbs were steep and long. The weather was nice, slightly warmer than yesterday, making the climbs feel a little longer than they are. I went through my liquids earlier than I thought I would. I had some aches in one of my ankles from all of the down hills and angles in the road causing me to put on a brace. I hope it is nothing more than a stiff ankle. Light traffic today as I stayed on a side road running along interstate 15. Was pretty busy all day with phone calls and emails trying to set plans for San Diego. Everyone is getting excited and it is making me even more excited. Feels like the longest week ever. I got in contact with the Northern County Newspaper and had a photographer and reporter meet me in Escondido at the completion of my walk. All said and done today was an easy day with a lot to distract myself with. I met up with Pat Hayward who would be my host for the night. We got back to her house where her friends Linda, Judy, Vicky, Jeffery, and her husband Mike were. Hung out a bit, got a shower and we headed out for dinner. Dinner was great and the restaurant gave me a “Hula Pie” on the house. This was a massive dessert that probably will take 10 years off my life.

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  1. I wish I heard about this sooner. I was down that way with a running friend a week ago. We would have loved to join you for a few miles. Sometimes company is nice to have on a long journey. I can’t imagine the toll this journey has taken on you and your support system. I can say that I know there are many people that are very appreciative of your sacrifice. MS isn’t exactly the top of the list for people to jump in and care about. We too raise money for MS and every penny that is raised is a little touch of hope for a cure and a normal life. Many blessings to you on your trip!

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