Unwanted hills

Escondido, CA to Poway, CA
Distance: 18.77 mi
Total Distance: 3,432.94 mi

Yesterday was a rest day where I had nice calm day where I got work done, Mike arranged for a hair cut, and joined Mike, Pat and their friends Herb and Sherry for dinner. Mike made some delicious pizza in his new pizza oven. Thank you Mike and Pat for being such great hosts. Since it was going to be a short day I had a late start. It started with an interview with the San Diego NBC station. They interviewed Mike about what it was like to host me and his thoughts on the walk. And off we went. After a quick interview the walk was on. I was in a casual pace walk through a very suburban area. My directions were a little confusing as I was trying to sync up my email directions with the GPS. I stopped at one point and a man yelled across the street “Are you the cross country walker?” And he came over to help me out with directions. He walked for a little pointing me in the right direction. The day was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 70s. The road was flat for the first 14 miles and enjoyable. I was soon greeted by some serious hills. The last 4 miles were all uphill, steep, and curvy roads. I had been hoping that the towards the end of the total walk would be flat, I was wrong. The sun went down early and quickly around 4:45. I finished off in the dark and met up with my contact for the night, John Linscheid. We made it to his house where I met his daughter and the dogs. Got a quick shower and we were off for a very good and filling BBQ dinner.

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  1. Joshua Brickman says:

    John is an old friend of mine. I am SO glad you were able to stay with him!

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