The final approach

Poway, CA to La Mesa, CA
Distance: 17.16 mi
Total Distance: 3,450.10 mi

Had a semi late start due to today being pretty short. It was a steep downhill for the first several miles through the mountains. It was a very nice day, sunny and warm. There were some rolling hills throughout the day but nothing that bad. I was on the phone making calls, texts, and emails trying to set up things for today and tomorrow. At one point a woman stopped and gave me a sandwich and lemonade and a different woman stopped immediately after the first and gave me some hand sanitizer and a bottle of green tea. On the day there were more honks and cheers than usual. ABC came out to interview me and she brought me a turkey sub. During the interview a man showed up and got out of his car. He had two walking sticks and braces on his legs. He walked over to us and Jennifer introduced him as Mark Fowler, he has MS. We talked for a bit about his experience and what I am doing. He had to take off. Thank you Jennifer. The story was supposed to be on tonight but got pulled due to a big court verdict. Also the Boston Globe and the Winchester Star published articles today. Things are getting exciting and hectic as people are starting to get into town and things are getting set up for tomorrow. As I got close to the end I came across some serious hills. The last 2 miles were all up hill on curvy roads with no shoulders. I made it to Cathy Smith’s house on top of the hill, I would be staying with her tonight. I took a nice shower and worked out a little bit more. I typically like to work out if it is under 25 miles. Cathy came home and we got to talking. Her sister cooked a Tuna Lasagna. Pretty excited for tomorrow. It is kind of similar to being on a plane. You are in the final approach awaiting the final 20 minutes than landing (tomorrow).

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5 Responses to The final approach

  1. Mimi Beasley says:

    I thank the Zimmermans for bringing you into my life. Fell in love with you and your Mom. What a journey. You are an inspiration to us all. Good luck on your next adventure. I will be wearing my Steps4Ms for a while longer. Love when people ask me about it………

  2. Tricia says:

    It was SO great to be there and meet you when you crossed the finish line in Coronado today! As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis, I speak for many when I say THANK YOU for what you’ve done, you are truly an inspiration. God bless you for making such a sacrifice to help put an end to this horrible disease. I will wear my ‘Steps for MS’ shirt with pride!
    Tricia C.

  3. Jim & Maureen Homsey says:

    Hi Stephen,

    We are so thrilled that you finished your amazing journey. I am really going
    to miss tracking you and reading your blogs, but am relieved that you are
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon.

    Jim and Maureen

  4. Eliot Rich says:

    My wife is recovering from an MS relapse right now. We gain strength and hope from your actions. Thank you.

  5. Paula says:

    You are an awesome young man, the people with MS are fotunate to have someone like you in their corner. May God bless you. Goodluck on your future endeavors.

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