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Steps for MS

On July 25th, Sandra Manning, Employee Outreach Coordinator for ERC, brought a special visitor to HQ. Stephen Homsey is a recent college graduate who is walking across the United States to raise awareness and support for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The previous evening, Sandra picked Steve up in downtown Huntsville as he was arriving from Winchester, AL. Sandra was Steve’s host for the evening, providing dinner, a place to sleep, and an audience to hear about his cause and journey. Steve founded Steps for MS ( with the purpose
of providing immediate relief and support for those who are suffering from MS and their families. Steve maintains a blog on his website where he writes about interviews with individuals and their families who suffer from MS throughout the differ-ent regions of the country as he makes his way from Boston, MS to San Diego, CA. Steve estimates his walk will take approximately 140 days and will cover more than 3,400 miles. He tries to average 25 to 30 miles per day. Why did Steve decide to dedicate his time and efforts to MS? On May 10, 2009, Steve fell over 40 feet off a Boston apartment building leaving him immobile for an extended period of time. During his rehabilitation, he realized how fragile life is. He had many hours of down time and one of the things he did was research MS. He felt he could relate to MS in some degree with
the sudden loss of mobility. Fortunately, Steve’s condition was temporary. With his second
chance he made a vow to make the most out of every day and give back as much as he could. On May 10, 2011, exactly two years after his fall, Steve left his home town on the East coast on a
journey to help and better the approximate 400,000 individuals in the US who suffer from MS.