ADTRAN Newsletter

Stephen Homsey, who is walking
across America, stayed with
ADTRAN employees Ken and
Kim Brashears, during his trek through
Alabama. “We would have him back any
time and highly recommend any family,
anywhere in the US, doing the same. It
has been incredible just having him in our
home and being part of this experience,”
said Ken Brashears.
Stephen is literally walking from coast
to coast to raise money and awareness for
Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His goal is to walk
30 miles each day. Stephen has only had
to sleep in his one-man tent once since
leaving his home in Winchester, MA on
May 10th. He said the people in the South
have been unbelievably friendly.
“I’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone
is so caring,” he said. Stephen relies
on ‘word-of-mouth’ for his next stop for
a place to lay his head and shower and is
very humbled and gracious.
“I’ve never met a nicer young man,”
said ADTRAN employee, Lori Stevenson,
who has been directly affected by MS. Lori
was very excited about getting to talk to
Stephen about his efforts. She said she
can’t believe he’s doing something like this
out of the goodness of his heart for people
he doesn’t even know.
“The sacrifice he is making touches my
heart deeply,” she said. Lori and her family
had a chance to talk to Stephen while
he was in North Alabama. Stephen plans
to include Lori in a documentary he is
producing about the people he meets on
his walk who have MS.
You can check out Stephen’s story on
his Web site at: He
may be stopping in your town, so please
check and click on the “contact Stephen”
button where you will see his cell number.
Call and let him know you are part of the
ADTRAN family and would like to offer
him a place to stay for the evening. He
keeps a daily blog of his adventures and
you can see his route, comments, and
pictures. His ultimate stopping point is
San Diego, California. We wish Stephen
safe and happy travels.
To learn more about Multiple Sclerosis
go to